Lightweight package shortens given number to a short representation of it. For example 1234 will be formatted to 1k and 20244023 to 20m. Package supports multiple languages, the default it's set to English.

🐘 Supported PHP versions

  • βœ… 7.2
  • βœ… 7.3
  • βœ… 7.4
  • βœ… 8.0
  • βœ… 8.1
  • βœ… 8.2
  • βœ… 8.3

βš™οΈ Language configurations

Change language

For changing the language you want to call set() method once before calling other methods from this package.


Overwrite translations

If you want to replace existing translations for supported language or add your own language, you can pass custom translations as the second argument to set() method.

// Overwriting all fields
Serhii\ShortNumber\Lang::set('en', [
    'thousand' => 'thou',
    'million' => 'mil',
    'billion' => 'bil',
    'trillion' => 'tril',

You can overwrite any fields that you need, overwriting all fields is not necessary.

// Overwriting 1 field
Serhii\ShortNumber\Lang::set('en', ['million' => 'mil']);

🚩 Supported languages

FlagLanguageCode (ISO 639-1)ThousandMillionBillionTrillion

πŸ‘ Usage

use Serhii\ShortNumber\Number;

Number::conv(1893234); // returns: 1m
Number::conv(20234); // returns: 20m

🎁 Contribute language support

Here is the commitopen in new window that added support for Ukrainian language. Contribute another language is very simple. You need to make 3 steps:

Step 1. Translations

Add translations to resources/translations.php file. Here is the file:

return [
    // English
    'en' => [
        'thousand' => 'k',
        'million' => 'm',
        'billion' => 'b',
        'trillion' => 't',
    // Russian
    'ru' => [
        'thousand' => 'тыс',
        'million' => 'ΠΌΠ»Π½',
        'billion' => 'ΠΌΠ»Π΄',
        'trillion' => 'Ρ‚Ρ€Π½',
    // add same for your language

Step 2. Tests

After adding another language, you need to add line to tests/TranslationsTest.php. The method runTestsForSuffixes(string $lang, string[] $suffixes) will generate tests for you. You just need to run ./vendor/bin/phpunit to make sure your translation works.

class TranslationsTest extends TestCase
    public function testing_correct_conversion(): void
        $this->runTestsForSuffixes('en', ['k', 'm', 'b', 't']);
        $this->runTestsForSuffixes('ru', ['тыс', 'ΠΌΠ»Π½', 'ΠΌΠ»Π΄', 'Ρ‚Ρ€Π½']);
        // add same line for your language here

Step 3.

Last step you need to add new language to file under the section Supported languages.

πŸš€ Quick start

composer require serhii/short-number
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